John Newton Drama

John Newton (1725-1807), author of the familiar hymn Amazing Grace, first went to sea with his father at the age of 11. Later, as a salty sea captain and self-described blasphemer, he was involved in the African slave trade. But the grace of God dramatically intersected his life and he became a changed man. He gave up his sailing career and became an ordained Anglican pastor. Later in life he renounced the slave trade and became an abolitionist. John Newton's story is a remarkable testimony to the grace of God. He once wrote, "By the grace of God I am not the man I used to be."

Grace Baptist Church will host a dramatic presentation of the life of John Newton on Sunday, August 4 at 5:00 PM. Admission is free.

The drama will be performed by the traveling ministry team from
Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina.